My name’s Jenny Bowler and I’m a 30-year-old native Boisean with a professional background in graphic design. I’ve always had a knack for photography, but primarily shot concert photos. In early 2019, I took a food photography course online and was introduced to the world of commercial food and product photography. I fell in love with it and haven’t looked back since.

When I’m not playing with food and my camera or designing, I’m either baking cookies, Netflixing, chasing around my two kitties, James and Poppy, for snugs, or taking Harry Potter quizzes on Buzzfeed.

I’m obsessed with shows about aliens, I play Wii Sports literally every day, I’m a carb enthusiast, and I have a tattoo on my wrist of an outline of a cat, which I call my cattoo.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m gonna go bake some cookies. Ciao!

Jenny Bowler, food and product photographer.


my favorite things

Iced tea with 3 oz. of
sugar free raspberry

Those little toe beans
on kitty feets

Reese’s Peanut
Butter Cups

Online shopping
(a bit too much)

Baking delicious

Anything made
of velvet

Hot showers on
cold nights

Making Pinterest boards
for literally everything